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Today’s Android emulator war is getting hotter since the new rising star Koplayer gaining more popularity day by day. Koplayer is definitely worth as a competitor for other android emulators that have been around on the market. This emulator offers you stability, simplicity and the most lightweight emulator around.

While other emulators focusing on Windows-based system to run, Koplayer is balanced on developing its compatibility between Windows and Mac. Yes, Koplayer are available both for Windows and Mac version. Try it and play android games/apps on your mac with this emulator.

Koplayer is known as the most lightweight android emulator. Most of the android emulators need mid-end to hi-end PC requirements for their system, as for Koplayer it only need 512 MB RAM and you are good to go. If you have few resources available on your PC; this emulator is definitely for you.

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Koplayer Gameplay

Koplayer is an android emulator which allows you to run your android games or apps on your PC. It virtualizes your android operating system to your computer, turns your PC into big, fast and stable android device.

Koplayer brings all android capabilities to your PC such as accessing Google play store, download and installing your android based apps. You will able to run your chat messenger like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and all your favorite android games.

This emulator is available on Windows and Mac. Both versions may have slightly different development phase, but don’t worry, no one left behind. If you are looking to get more experience playing your favorite android game on a bigger screen, look no further, Koplayer is for you.

Koplayer Features



Fast and lightweight

Koplayer known as the most lightweight emulator around. With only 512MB RAM you can install Koplayer without problem. This emulator is very CPU friendly, hence, you can play game without lag with no dropping frame rate.

Intergrated Google Play Store

Koplayer brings you to the new level experience on gaming with more than million hot apps available on Google play store. With integrated Google play store on Koplayer you are able to download and install any game or app from the market into your PC. If you got other apk file on your PC, simply drag and drop to Koplayer to install them.

High compatibility

Koplayer committed itself to run 99% of all android apps available with more stability on the performance since it takes the newest kernel technology under x86 architecture.


Koplayer offers many features to support your gaming experience on your PC. It runs smooth many games like Asphalt, Clash of Clan with no dropping 60 FPS. Multitasking is easy to manage with multi-screen emulators for each app you run, allows you to login multiple accounts at once.

Keyboard Mapping

Koplayer has built-in game pad mapping which able you to map and customize buttons to your full PC keyboard gaming. Shifting move can be replaced with your mouse movement which allows you to play mimicking your android phone. You will also be able to type with all ten fingers to chat with your friend faster while playing game, which you cannot get from android device.

Image and Video Sharing

Share your image and video with other players never be as easy as before. With one click button for a screen shot and video recording, you can easily capture your best moment and share them with your friends.

Optional Performance Setting

Koplayer system resources are easy to manage with an optional mode for best performance or best compatibility. This emulator has optional management for how many CPU and RAM needed to run. If you are running on low resources you can manage Koplayer to take less RAM from your PC and choose speed mode (DirectX). Compatible mode, of course, is the best option if you are running on hi-end PC since you will not experience any lack of RAM or CPU resources.


Customized resources

Root and Unroot Menu

Today’s game android protection is getting better; some of them are unable to run on a rooted device. This problem can be easily solved with Koplayer emulator since it has an option to turn on and off for rooted or unrooted device preference.

The day this article posted Koplayer is free and no-ads or other commercial pop up, don’t know if there will be any in future, hope the developer keep it that way.

Koplayer is definitely one of the best android emulator today which offer you many excellent features for your richer gaming experience. It has stability and flexibility that will take your android game to the next level. Run smoother your favorite android-based apps on bigger screen with fully customized keyboard utility. With all those capabilities Koplayer set its stance to compete with other emulators as one of the best on the market.


Koplayer installation requirements

Before installing Koplayer your PC must meet the minimum requirements needed to run. You will be amazed on how low the requirements for your Windows to run this emulator, here the list;

At present, these are the supported compatible Windows version:
– Windows XP SP3 (32 or 64 bits)
– Windows Vista (32 or 64 bits)
– Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits)
Koplayer will be developed to support all platforms and all windows version for the next release.

Here the minimum requirements for Koplayer to run:
1. Graphic card supports OpenGL 2.0.
2. CPU supports VT-x or AMD-V virtualization. You can turn on the setting through bios
3. Minimum 512MB RAM.
4. At least 3GB hard disk space to install KOPLAYER, and up to 8GB or more depend on your games installed in the virtual machine later on.
5. The resolution of the system should not be lower than 1024×768.
6. Internet connection for updating and game installation.

Download and Install Koplayer

Here step by step how to download and install Koplayer for your Windows and Mac


To download, here we have direct links for Koplayer offline installer

Download-install-koplayer-LogoKoplayer App

If happen the link is broken, you can visit the official website There you will find two versions of downloadable installer, for Windows choose “Download” on the left side


Click left button to download Koplayer

The time this article posted, the latest version Koplayer is 1.4.1055 Updated: Jan 11, 2017. The installer takes size about 301Mb. The download can be resumed when interrupted, don’t worry if you have unstable or slow connection.


After completing download, just install as the usual way to your PC. Open the installer as administrator then begin the setup by following instructions. Minimum requirement for storage is about 3GB and will be up to 8GB depend on games/apps installed in the virtual machine, so make sure you have space available on your preference folder drive.


Run Koplayer when your installation is complete, you will be brought to pre-launch option to choose rendering mode for the best gaming using Koplayer. Choose normal mode if you are sure about your PC specification, otherwise choose speed mode for best performance, don’t worry this option can be changed later on setting menu. Next click on “Continue to start”


Speed vs Normal Mode


Koplayer will be started, wait for few seconds till progress bar is finished to load your data.


Because this is the first time you run Koplayer, you need to fill your Gmail account to sign in to Google Play later on. Accept the terms of services and follow the next steps.


Done, you will see Koplayer home page and you can start accessing Google Play store to start download and install your favorite games.

Koplayer Home Screem

Note: You need to hit “ESC” button on keyboard to close your current viewing tab

Installing Koplayer is easy with just few steps, now you can start playing or run your android app. You will be amazed how stable and fast Koplayer run even on low resources. Advanced setting is placed on the top right corner window, there you can customize many elements such as resolution, RAM and CPU usage, 2 different mode for fast speed or compatibility, and information about the current version of your Koplayer.

For installing Koplayer for Mac you can continue reading to this page below

How to Download and Install Koplayer for Mac

Koplayer alternative: Download Bluestacks 2 The Best Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

Koplayer Download

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