How to Install Koplayer on Mac


For you who wants to play android games and run apps on your Mac, Koplayer is the best choice for you. Today’s, Koplayer is the most compatible emulator for your Mac available compared to other app players on the market. Rapid updating for Mac version shows how serious Koplayer team on developing this emulator to satisfy Mac users around the world.

Koplayer offers you many amazing features to play android game on your bigger Mac screen. Multitasking is one of the excellent feature you can get. You can play and run more than one games and login with multiple accounts at once just like you want to do as an advanced gamer.

Different choices of resolution available for your better gaming experience. Koplayer will display your android game with satisfying crisp and sharpness even on big screen with no dropping frame rate.

To wrapping up here the list of benefiting features Koplayer for Mac

– Play Android games and apps on Mac devices

– You will be able to play android game on bigger screen, smooth game play and unlimited storage

– Koplayer is compatible with Mac OS systems

– Internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all android apps

– Gamepad, keyboard and mouse support

– One-click for screenshot, video recording and install apps

With those many mind blowing features offered I am sure you will be excited to have Koplayer on your Mac, here I have written complete tutorial especially for you Mac user how to download and install Koplayer. It is recommended to follow the detailed steps to avoid problem and missconfiguration installing this emulator.

Download and Install Koplayer for Mac

Here step by step how to download and install Koplayer for your Mac

1. To download, visit Koplayer official website There are two installers available to download. For Mac choose and click the right side button to start download Koplayer.


The time this article published Mac version of Koplayer is Updated: 10/31/2016 Version: 1.4.1051, it takes size about 307MB

2. Installing Koplayer on your Mac is relatively easy just like you normally do when install other software for your Mac. When your download is complete, click on the installer and open. Remember you must have minimum 3GB storage available to install Koplayer.

Koplayer Download


  1. Hi team,

    It appears that your app doesn’t work in Mac’s. I have tried numerous times about this and it says Failed to install KO Players. Any help would be appreciated

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