How to Login with Multiple Accounts Using Koplayer


As an advanced gamer you must be wondering to run more than one game at once with multiple accounts to play, then Koplayer is what you need. Koplayer supports multi emulator that allows you to play more than one android game at the same time. Login with multiple accounts is common for gamer since brings many benefits for character to level up faster, better team work coordination, and more customized variation strategies will be available, as result your chance to win will drastically increase.

Don’t miss the chance to use this capability of Koplayer to play your favorite android game on PC. Koplayer as the most lightweight emulator will run your game flawlessly even you run more than one game at once. Here is how to play with multiple accounts using Koplayer

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Install the newest version Koplayer to your PC. If you haven’t, download and install from their official website if you need step by step tutorial here Download Koplayer the Best Android Emulator for Windows and Mac


After you completed the installation, you will see 2 icons on your desktop, “Koplayer” main program and “Koplayer Multi Manager”.



Make sure your Koplayer is not started. To login multiple accounts open “Koplayer Multi Manager” then click “Add Emulator”



There will be two options available which are “New emulator” and “Clone emulator”.

  • “New emulator”: you will be able to create new fresh emulator with no initial data just like the first time you install Koplayer
  • “Clone emulator”: allows you to create new emulator contains the same data with your chosen emulator such as installed apps, account, videos, images etc.



Lets try “New emulator” first, click it and you will see second emulator is added to list. Wait till the unlocking progress is done. The new fresh emulator will be named automatically based on increment from the previous emulator name ex: KOPLAYER1, KOPLAYER2 etc. If you wish you can rename it according to your like


Just click launch button on the right side to start your new emulator. Since this will be new fresh emulator and this is the first time you launch it, you will need to add your google account to sign in. Next time, you will be able to play without sign in because your account has been saved to this emulator. It is recommended to rename the emulator base on your google account name, it will be easy to remember.

Done, your new fresh emulator is ready



Now lets try “Clone emulator”, from there again click “Add emulator”. This time choose “Clone emulator”, you will see pop up option which emulator you wish to clone or copy. Your new clone emulator account, data, videos, images etc will be the same as what emulator you cloned.


Wait till the unlocking progress is done. Usually it takes more time than unlocking new emulator since it needs to copy your cloned emulator data.


Your new clone emulator is ready. Launch to play game with the same google account as your cloned emulator. Here the example of cloned emulator. All account and data will be the same


Play two Clash of Clans at the same time


Wrapping Up

With Koplayer you will be able to play multiple accounts at once. This feature will benefiting you when playing strategy game and other similar type battle. Number of emulator you can create depends on your PC resources, the more RAM and CPU you have the more you can create new emulator. Hope this tutorial will help you ~~enjoy~~

Koplayer alternative: Download Bluestacks 2 The Best Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

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