Koplayer App Player Common Errors and Troubleshooting


Koplayer is one of the best android emulator on the market today. It has many cool features offered that will amaze you as a real gamer; multi accounts login, crisp display, smooth and fast even on low resource PC. One click button for screen shoot, video recording and share files between players, all these utilities are supported in the new version of Koplayer.

However, like other apps, there is no perfect software which compatible for every PC specs. Every user has their own computer specifications and configurations that may lead errors and installation problems. It will be unfortunate if you are not able to play your android game using Koplayer because of these errors.

Here we have listed common errors on installing Koplayer emulator for your PC and how to fix it.

1. Memory Insufficient failed to launch Koplayer

It happens due insufficient memory of your RAM. Although your computer may have more than 2GB RAM this problem still occurred because Koplayer fails to occupy the minimal memory requirement needed to run. Why? because your memory is currently used by other apps on your computer.

To fix it you need to close other unneeded running apps that using your current memory such as a browser, antivirus etc, then reboot your Koplayer. This way will solve most memory insufficient problem. As addition if this error still persists you can manually lower you RAM needed for Koplayer. To do this open setting on the upper right corner of windows and click “Software Settings”


Next, open “Advance” tab, check for “customize memory CPU core” and then edit the number of RAM or CPU resources as needed. 512 of RAM is the minimum for Koplayer to run. Then click Save.



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2. Koplayer Unable to Start After 99%

This solution is for you who experienced fail to launch Koplayer and stopped at 99%. This problem is common if you have some missing elements on your windows and misconfiguration. It can be caused by other installed app setting on your windows.

To fix this you need to repair your windows using Windows Repair v2.11.1.7z (7,771kb). After completing your download follow steps below

Step1. Unzip Windows Repair .rar file and find “Repair_Window.exe” and click it as shown below

step3. After you start the program, switch to tab repair. It is recommended to backup your registry by tick the option on the left. Click Open repair


Step4. You will see many optional elements available to fix on the left side panel. You can choose default on the bottom left window if you don’t know about the option. If you want to automatically restart or shutdown your windows after the repair completed, tick the option on the bottom right panel, otherwise, leave it un-tick. Click “start repairs” to start


Note: For Windows 8 system must select NO. 28-31.

Step5. Repairing windows progress will start. It may take few minutes. You can relaunch your Koplayer after the progress is done. Now you will be able to launch Koplayer without a problem.

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  1. It shows me insufficient memory and my graphics driver is up to date but it shows me update your graphics and I have 256mb in video memory what can I do please help me I want to run Android phone in my pc

  2. it is showing error-13 in koplayer when it is on 99%…
    plz help me to solve this problem

  3. Hi, your ap is very good, runs so smoothly. I have one problem. I sing karaoke with Smule Sing. After recording a song, there is an edit stage where you can add audio effects like reverb etc, but just before it gets to that stage, the ap stops working. Such a pity because it is by far the best app for audio quality. All other emulators seem to stutter with the audio recording which causes malor timing and sync problems. Hope there is something can be done.

  4. Help my Koplayer gave me an error saying some kind of codes like this.VBoxManage.exe: error: Could not get the storage format of the medium ‘D:\KOPLAYER\deployed\KOPLAYER\android_data_disk.vmdk’ (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)
    VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80bb0005), component Medium, interface IMedium, callee IUnknown
    VBoxManage.exe: error: Context: “OpenMedium(Bstr(pszFilenameOrUuid).raw(), enmDevType, enmAccessMode, fForceNewUuidOnOpen, pMedium.asOutParam())” at line 178 of file VBoxManageDisk.cpp
    VBoxManage.exe: error: Invalid UUID or filename “D:/KOPLAYER/deployed/KOPLAYER/android_data_disk.vmdk”
    please help.

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